Frye Art Museum

As an Associate Graphic Designer at the Frye, every day at work brought new projects and challenges. The Communications Team crafts the image and voice of the museum, producing collateral, educational information, promotional materials and exhibition publications, as well as environmental graphics.

These are some of my favorite projects from my time there, including a poster in Mandarin, a large outdoor sign promoting the Museum Store, an exhibition poster, a full page ad that appeared in City Arts Magazine and The Stranger, and a brochure for Wild Times, one of the Frye’s educational programs.


frye-3postersPromotional poster in Mandarin for recent exhibition


Custom typography for Your Feast Has Ended exhibition wall title


Posters and advertisements for Your Feast Has Ended and The Unicorn Incorporated


Invitations for Your Feast Has Ended exhibition


Brochure for Wild Times Educational Programming


Large outdoor sign promoting museum store