Toolkit for Women’s Land Rights

In Fall 2013, I was approached by the Landesa Rural Development Institute to work with them on an interesting project. Landesa’s Center for Women’s Land Rights works internationally to advocate for women’s rights using an approach called the Empowerment Approach. Through this approach, Landesa’s legal experts educate women in areas where their rights are compromised, and work with them to develop into leaders and advocates for women in their communities. Landesa asked me to create a toolkit that would walk other NGOs through this process step-by-step, in order that it can be repeated in other areas. The final product of this collaboration was a 170 page book and an e-book available on their website.


“I’ve never been so impressed by how much form influences content. It really makes such a difference in how I understand the model.”

— Director, Landesa Center for Women’s Land Rights