Time, Inc. Paywall System

Time, Inc. recently made the decision to ask readers to pay for online access to multiple websites within its sizable publishing properties. My team at Fell Swoop worked with Time to design an experience that would guide readers through the process — from the initial messaging to an optimized subscription sign-up page.
time8We kicked off the project with a Clarity Lab in New York. During this three-day, collaborative workshop with Time’s executive, editorial, marketing, and developer teams, we worked to quickly establish client goals, strategic messaging, and brand voice. I worked as a part of a four-person team from Fell Swoop to sketch wireframes and creative concepts.


Once the client had chosen their top three approaches, I created and presented a series of high-fidelity comps. From these, we built prototypes to test with subscribers. I observed Time’s focus group tests to see how people navigated through our flows and reacted to the messaging. This informed the next round of refinements and led us to the final design, which included a warning message, a final message, registration and confirmation overlays, and a checkout page.

Before launch, I worked with our front-end developer on Q.A. to fine-tune the designs and make sure they accurately reflected our comps. Over the course of the year, we completed this process for Time.com, Money.com, Cooking Light, InStyle, and Southern Living.